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<rhinosf1> Has anyone seen Oshwah? Looks like a few days off to me, well deserved!!
<NotASpy> he's a lazy fuck, doesn't do anything to warrant a few days off
<rhinosf1> NotASpy - Oshwah always helps me on here.
<NotASpy> it's a mirage, he's not really helping you. He's a master of illusion.
<rhinosf1> NotASpy - well, He's very good with (blocking) new users.
<NotASpy> that's the easiest thing any admin can do, just sit and hit F5 on the new user list. That's slacking off. I bet Oshwah doesn't even hit refresh himself, I bet he has a button presser to do it for him, such is his lazyness.
<rhinosf1> Maybe but when I first started editing he advised on IRC Clients and helped me get pending changes. I found what I've learnt since first interacting with him very helpful.
<NotASpy> he's probably better at that teaching stuff that me, I'll give him that
<AntiComposite> NotASpy's "teaching method" is quite something.
<NotASpy> AntiComposite: it's a carrot and stick model
<NotASpy> firstly, the carrot is shoved up someone's arse, then the stick is inserted about half way. The protruding half is broken off and then used to beat the person around the head. Carrot and stick. See.
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