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<TxHadriel> my job sucks....but im not ready to flip to a new company yet
<@NeoBogan> try being a hoover technician
<@NeoBogan> then you can really say your job sucks
<TxHadriel> the vacuum's?
<TxHadriel> haha
<@NeoBogan> either that or fluffer
<TxHadriel> my brother was a door to door salesmen for Kirby (high end old school heavy as fuck) vacuums
<TxHadriel> poor kid lol
<@NeoBogan> only one of those vacancies will you ever see in a newspaper under “Help Wanted”
<TxHadriel> indeed
<@NeoBogan> your brother’s job... at least he got shitloads of physical exercise
<TxHadriel> yeah, well he didn't do it very long
<TxHadriel> i think he realised it was a scam within the first month
<@NeoBogan> paid on commission, right?
<TxHadriel> correct
<@NeoBogan> yep, a scam
<TxHadriel> and a low commission at that
<@NeoBogan> of course it does lend opportunity to offer a unique sales pitch
<TxHadriel> a $2,000 USD vacuum ffs
<TxHadriel> no one buys that kinda shit anymore
<@NeoBogan> “Hi there, does your vacuum suck? Like really really suck? You sure? Meet the suckiest vacuum on this side of the patent office!”
<TxHadriel> lmao
<@NeoBogan> it’s all about the delivery
<TxHadriel> i reckon ya be right
<@NeoBogan> “Does your husband complain about lack of TLC most nights, but you can’t be bothered redoing your lipstick? Have I got a solution for you!”
<TxHadriel> oh jeez
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