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* +paladox looks at WorkBogan / NeoBogan
<+paladox> How’s ya day been?
<@WorkBogan> well, I’m hungry... for rookieflambe
<@WorkBogan> with marshmallows on a spit as the apetiser
<+paladox> So get it WorkBogan
<+paladox> :)
<@WorkBogan> very well
* @WorkBogan ignites paladox then proceedes to skewer a series of marshmallows on kebab stakes while waiting patiently for the flames to reach peak intensity
<+paladox> Lol
<@WorkBogan> you literally asked for that, paladox
<@WorkBogan> you have nobody to blame but yourself
<+paladox> How?
<+paladox> Oh
<+paladox> 02:13 @WorkBogan: well, I’m hungry... for rookieflambe
<+paladox> Lol
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