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<+paladox> is that porn?
<+FoxsideMiners> nope
<@NeoBogan> it's only porn if it gives you a hardon
<+paladox> lol
<@NeoBogan> which is why microsoft will never allow third party devs complete unfettered access to their entire source code repository
<+FoxsideMiners> LOLOL
<@NeoBogan> they tease us with partial releases under an open/shared-source license (much like a porn site), they even give tantalising ideas of what lays ahead (like a porn site), but then they make you pay for the good stuff (again, like a porn site)
<@NeoBogan> some could argue that GPL is better because there's no paywall or contract in the way of the good stuff
<+paladox> NeoBogan what about apache 2.0?
<@NeoBogan> but I say that just means a few hundred thousand others have busted their nuts on it before you got there
<+FoxsideMiners> so it is nice and cummy
<@NeoBogan> or well used
<@NeoBogan> and nobody appreciates well used except antiques dealers
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