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<+paladox> Any who’s what about the brits?
<@WorkBogan> what about them?
<@WorkBogan> for a while they were the undisputed power of the seas
<@WorkBogan> both World Wars changed that
<@WorkBogan> not to mention the american war of independence some time prior had already taken the wind out of their motivation to do anything
<@WorkBogan> so the plucky brits, such as they are, decided on a new venture
<@WorkBogan> inventing sports
<@WorkBogan> with wierd rules, wierder equipment, and general all round cockiness that only those poms could pull off
<+paladox> We also invented the telephone
<@WorkBogan> they then taught the colonies these sports in the hopes of, once again, reattaining that vaunted position of unrivaled masters of a domain
<@WorkBogan> as time went on, the colonies improved their knowledge, understanding, and tactics in those sports the motherland had taught them so well
<+paladox> Heh
<@WorkBogan> tell me, when was the last time the UK held the world championship trophy for a sport they had invented?
<+paladox> I wouldn’t have a clue
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