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Quote: 444; Rating: 2; [Rate as good|Rate as bad] Saturday, 14th December 2019
<Duck> Why can you use ! In an email address
<Duck> When registering
<henk> Because it was programmed that way
<@Sadie> i dont think theres too much validation
<@Sadie> in general the best way to validate an email is to send an email to it
<@Hal9000> or do it as i do: shove it up your butt
<@Hal9000> sorry, wrong channel
Quote: 443; Rating: 1; [Rate as good|Rate as bad] Friday, 13th December 2019
<Cockroach_> did get knocked up
<Lorelei> He did it! And Hojna told him to :(
<Andrew_tM> Hojna's a bad influence.
<Andrew_tM> She'll have us smoking behind the bike sheds next :(
<Hojna> no smoking, just make love!
Quote: 442; Rating: 4; [Rate as good|Rate as bad] Sunday, 25th August 2019
<RhinosF1> And pls fix the exception handling for create wiki
<+JohnLewis> only way I can is to just not make it fatal completely and return a 100% unhelpful and unambigious error message
<RhinosF1> JohnLewis: it gives a 100% unhelpful error now
<+JohnLewis> not at all
<+JohnLewis> like a clock which has stopped working, it's accurate. Just not always
<RhinosF1> JohnLewis: true, but like I've never seen it accurate
<+JohnLewis> press create again, it'll then be accurate
<RhinosF1> True
Quote: 441; Rating: 6; [Rate as good|Rate as bad] Monday, 01st July 2019
<@NeoBogan> <@Jobe> fucking tcl <-- you procreate your way, and I'll procreate mine
* @NeoBogan heads off to ravage a pornstar
<@Jobe> lol
Quote: 440; Rating: 6; [Rate as good|Rate as bad] Friday, 10th May 2019
<@RhinosF1> Yeah, Life can be tough sometimes - a roller-coaster where there's no preview and it changes every time you ride.
Quote: 439; Rating: 10; [Rate as good|Rate as bad] Friday, 05th April 2019
<DavidFranklin> are you the one I talked on DroneBL a couple of days back?
<Jobe> the one?
<Jobe> there are many!
<Jobe> I am but one
<Jobe> one of the many
<Jobe> but yes I am on #dronebl
<DavidFranklin> uhm yeah, he seemed much less retarded
<DavidFranklin> o_O
<Jobe> I have my moments
Quote: 438; Rating: 3; [Rate as good|Rate as bad] Sunday, 10th March 2019
<Oshwah> I'm home
<NeoBogan> welcome home
<NeoBogan> the dust is precisely how you left it
<Oshwah> Yay
<Oshwah> The bar was only two blocks away
<NeoBogan> so how long does it take to stroll there and stagger back?
<Oshwah> Depends on the direction I'm going
<NeoBogan> forward would be preferable
Quote: 437; Rating: 6; [Rate as good|Rate as bad] Monday, 04th March 2019
<TxHadriel> gunna be about 31F tonight
<TxHadriel> oh, 29F
<TxHadriel> its 41 now supposedly, says "feels like 36" lol
<@Jobe> F is for failures
<TxHadriel> oh right, you folks go by Celcius
<TxHadriel> so it would currently be 5c here
Quote: 436; Rating: 4; [Rate as good|Rate as bad] Wednesday, 27th February 2019
<benjaminikuta> Hey, is that guy from last night still here? What was his name?
* NeoBogan hides
<Zppix|mobile> NeoBogan: you cant hide
<NeoBogan> the hell I can't
<Zppix|mobile> Lol
* NeoBogan is now known as NotABogan
Quote: 435; Rating: 10; [Rate as good|Rate as bad] Monday, 25th February 2019
<+paladox> Any who’s what about the brits?
<@WorkBogan> what about them?
<@WorkBogan> for a while they were the undisputed power of the seas
<@WorkBogan> both World Wars changed that
<@WorkBogan> not to mention the american war of independence some time prior had already taken the wind out of their motivation to do anything
<@WorkBogan> so the plucky brits, such as they are, decided on a new venture
<@WorkBogan> inventing sports
<@WorkBogan> with wierd rules, wierder equipment, and general all round cockiness that only those poms could pull off
<+paladox> We also invented the telephone
<@WorkBogan> they then taught the colonies these sports in the hopes of, once again, reattaining that vaunted position of unrivaled masters of a domain
<@WorkBogan> as time went on, the colonies improved their knowledge, understanding, and tactics in those sports the motherland had taught them so well
<+paladox> Heh
<@WorkBogan> tell me, when was the last time the UK held the world championship trophy for a sport they had invented?
<+paladox> I wouldn’t have a clue
Quote: 434; Rating: 0; [Rate as good|Rate as bad] Saturday, 23rd February 2019
<+FoxsideMiners> I have ALWAYs sucked at spelling
<@Jobe> *speeling?
Quote: 433; Rating: -2; [Rate as good|Rate as bad] Saturday, 23rd February 2019
<S-I-T-H> But then again I am "too dumb to even begin to understand any of this" >.<
<NeoBogan> you lack the requisite lobotomy
Quote: 432; Rating: -7; [Rate as good|Rate as bad] Friday, 22nd February 2019
<+FoxsideMiners> OSU!
<@WorkBogan> ^ ironic how the acronym of FoxsideMiners' capitalisations equate to the first speaker in that anecdote
Quote: 431; Rating: 2; [Rate as good|Rate as bad] Thursday, 21st February 2019
<TheOnlyBouncer> woo refactoring code!
<TheOnlyBouncer> because if (object->next->next->next->id->next) is a bit.. yeah
<CandyAngel> All aboard the accessor train. Choo->choo!
<TheOnlyBouncer> hahaha, that is literally the best programmer joke i heard this year
<TheOnlyBouncer> CandyAngel, can i please submit that to XD
Quote: 430; Rating: 0; [Rate as good|Rate as bad] Wednesday, 20th February 2019
<@Jobe> sinus headaches suck
<@WorkBogan> so do well paid call girls
Quote: 429; Rating: 4; [Rate as good|Rate as bad] Tuesday, 19th February 2019
<+ShakespeareFan00> Sorry.. what is yiff?
<@WorkBogan> it’s a genre of porn, ShakespeareFan00
<@WorkBogan> anime/hentai involving anthromorphic foxes
<+ShakespeareFan00> Oh..
<+ShakespeareFan00> So furry porn
<@WorkBogan> yep
<@WorkBogan> bushy tail and all
<+ShakespeareFan00> Like some people are into reptiles...
<+ShakespeareFan00> ;)
<+FoxsideMiners> not just foxes
<+FoxsideMiners> wolfs
<+FoxsideMiners> hourse
<@WorkBogan> *wolves
<+FoxsideMiners> horses
<+FoxsideMiners> pigs
<+ShakespeareFan00> :O
<+FoxsideMiners> sharks
<@WorkBogan> bad choice of emoticon when we’re talking about porn, ShakespeareFan00...
<@WorkBogan> very bad choice of emoticon
Quote: 428; Rating: -2; [Rate as good|Rate as bad] Tuesday, 19th February 2019
<+paladox> is that porn?
<+FoxsideMiners> nope
<@NeoBogan> it's only porn if it gives you a hardon
<+paladox> lol
<@NeoBogan> which is why microsoft will never allow third party devs complete unfettered access to their entire source code repository
<+FoxsideMiners> LOLOL
<@NeoBogan> they tease us with partial releases under an open/shared-source license (much like a porn site), they even give tantalising ideas of what lays ahead (like a porn site), but then they make you pay for the good stuff (again, like a porn site)
<@NeoBogan> some could argue that GPL is better because there's no paywall or contract in the way of the good stuff
<+paladox> NeoBogan what about apache 2.0?
<@NeoBogan> but I say that just means a few hundred thousand others have busted their nuts on it before you got there
<+FoxsideMiners> so it is nice and cummy
<@NeoBogan> or well used
<@NeoBogan> and nobody appreciates well used except antiques dealers
Quote: 427; Rating: -1; [Rate as good|Rate as bad] Monday, 18th February 2019
<@Jobe> in here the rating is "unrated" cause we go way beyond what most rating systems allow even for their highest ratings
Quote: 426; Rating: 3; [Rate as good|Rate as bad] Monday, 18th February 2019
* +paladox looks at WorkBogan / NeoBogan
<+paladox> How’s ya day been?
<@WorkBogan> well, I’m hungry... for rookieflambe
<@WorkBogan> with marshmallows on a spit as the apetiser
<+paladox> So get it WorkBogan
<+paladox> :)
<@WorkBogan> very well
* @WorkBogan ignites paladox then proceedes to skewer a series of marshmallows on kebab stakes while waiting patiently for the flames to reach peak intensity
<+paladox> Lol
<@WorkBogan> you literally asked for that, paladox
<@WorkBogan> you have nobody to blame but yourself
<+paladox> How?
<+paladox> Oh
<+paladox> 02:13 @WorkBogan: well, I’m hungry... for rookieflambe
<+paladox> Lol
Quote: 425; Rating: -4; [Rate as good|Rate as bad] Saturday, 16th February 2019
<TxHadriel> you got facebook?
<@NeoBogan> have I chopped my balls off with a bandsaw?
<@NeoBogan> a rusty bandsaw, no less
<TxHadriel> lmao
Quote: 424; Rating: -1; [Rate as good|Rate as bad] Thursday, 07th February 2019
<TxHadriel> my job sucks....but im not ready to flip to a new company yet
<@NeoBogan> try being a hoover technician
<@NeoBogan> then you can really say your job sucks
<TxHadriel> the vacuum's?
<TxHadriel> haha
<@NeoBogan> either that or fluffer
<TxHadriel> my brother was a door to door salesmen for Kirby (high end old school heavy as fuck) vacuums
<TxHadriel> poor kid lol
<@NeoBogan> only one of those vacancies will you ever see in a newspaper under “Help Wanted”
<TxHadriel> indeed
<@NeoBogan> your brother’s job... at least he got shitloads of physical exercise
<TxHadriel> yeah, well he didn't do it very long
<TxHadriel> i think he realised it was a scam within the first month
<@NeoBogan> paid on commission, right?
<TxHadriel> correct
<@NeoBogan> yep, a scam
<TxHadriel> and a low commission at that
<@NeoBogan> of course it does lend opportunity to offer a unique sales pitch
<TxHadriel> a $2,000 USD vacuum ffs
<TxHadriel> no one buys that kinda shit anymore
<@NeoBogan> “Hi there, does your vacuum suck? Like really really suck? You sure? Meet the suckiest vacuum on this side of the patent office!”
<TxHadriel> lmao
<@NeoBogan> it’s all about the delivery
<TxHadriel> i reckon ya be right
<@NeoBogan> “Does your husband complain about lack of TLC most nights, but you can’t be bothered redoing your lipstick? Have I got a solution for you!”
<TxHadriel> oh jeez
Quote: 423; Rating: -4; [Rate as good|Rate as bad] Wednesday, 23rd January 2019
<+paladox> Jobe are you a paid porn actress?
Quote: 422; Rating: -1; [Rate as good|Rate as bad] Sunday, 20th January 2019
<rhinosf1> Has anyone seen Oshwah? Looks like a few days off to me, well deserved!!
<NotASpy> he's a lazy fuck, doesn't do anything to warrant a few days off
<rhinosf1> NotASpy - Oshwah always helps me on here.
<NotASpy> it's a mirage, he's not really helping you. He's a master of illusion.
<rhinosf1> NotASpy - well, He's very good with (blocking) new users.
<NotASpy> that's the easiest thing any admin can do, just sit and hit F5 on the new user list. That's slacking off. I bet Oshwah doesn't even hit refresh himself, I bet he has a button presser to do it for him, such is his lazyness.
<rhinosf1> Maybe but when I first started editing he advised on IRC Clients and helped me get pending changes. I found what I've learnt since first interacting with him very helpful.
<NotASpy> he's probably better at that teaching stuff that me, I'll give him that
<AntiComposite> NotASpy's "teaching method" is quite something.
<NotASpy> AntiComposite: it's a carrot and stick model
<NotASpy> firstly, the carrot is shoved up someone's arse, then the stick is inserted about half way. The protruding half is broken off and then used to beat the person around the head. Carrot and stick. See.
Quote: 421; Rating: 3; [Rate as good|Rate as bad] Wednesday, 16th January 2019
<Welp> I was mashing Shift+Z  in the irc and this kid next to me thought that I was coding :P
<FoxsideMiners> Wat?
<FoxsideMiners> what does Shit+Z do?
<Welp> uppercase z?
<FoxsideMiners> oh
Quote: 420; Rating: -1; [Rate as good|Rate as bad] Friday, 11th January 2019
<FoxsideMiners> The ability to see logs even if the server restarted
<FoxsideMiners> The logs were always there
<FoxsideMiners> but they weren’t showing up because SQL was missing.
<SQL> FoxsideMiners: I'm not missing!
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