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Quote: 45; Rating: -4; [Rate as good|Rate as bad] Wednesday, 03rd October 2007
<mark> Apparently many girls from the nearby girls catholic school got pregnant a lot
<GeniusDex> oooh
<GeniusDex> pics
Quote: 93; Rating: 22; [Rate as good|Rate as bad] Thursday, 15th November 2007
<p-J> is there any way to get a transparent 'taskbar' on osx without a supported vid card?
<PetPow> yes
<p-J> in leopard?
<PetPow> do the magic apple dance
<PetPow> and drink jobsperm
<p-J> damnyou
<PetPow> and im drunk
<PetPow> so. :)
Quote: 369; Rating: 30; [Rate as good|Rate as bad] Wednesday, 08th January 2014
[9:16:46] Chance [] has joined #anope
[9:16:58] Chance hehi
[9:17:06] Chance hey
[9:18:27] Chance
[9:18:38] Chance any thoughts? tks
[9:18:52] haltdef did you just pastebin a url
[9:19:03] Chance yup
[9:19:15] Chance you need to open it
[9:19:18] Chance to see it
[9:19:22] %chaz please pastebin a debug log
[9:19:24] %chaz ? debug
[9:19:24] +Infobot debug#: Nix: ./services -support Windows: anope.exe -support
[9:19:26] haltdef no, I need to cut through the stupidity first
[9:19:30] haltdef why on earth would you do that
[9:19:45] Chance i thought i could not paste direct links here
[9:19:54] %chaz do what I said
[9:20:02] Chance my english is not perfect
[9:20:05] +Infobot (Forum) "Re: Anope 2.0.0-rc1 + Unreal3.2.10.2 " - Posted by: Charles Kingsley - Link:
[9:20:07] haltdef you just pasted a link, what's the difference
[9:20:08] Chance from Botox - [#anope] DO NOT PASTE! USE A PASTEBIN LIKE HTTP://PASTEBIN.ANOPE.ORG !
[9:20:16] haltdef engage brain
Quote: 327; Rating: -21; [Rate as good|Rate as bad] Tuesday, 07th August 2012
mooncup has been kicked from #anope by Hal9000: onahhaha auspport shannel how siylly
mooncup has joined #anope
<@Hal9000> didnt knw i have power in #anoep nicea hahahah
<@Hal9000> cna io ban myself=
<%chaz> pls
Hal9000 has set mode +b *!*Hal9000@*
Hal9000 has been kicked from #anope by Hal9000: tgzhgjhmv

then in #denora
<&Hal9000> damn i mabned myself on anope
<&Hal9000> this is an irc protocol flaw
Quote: 5; Rating: -23; [Rate as good|Rate as bad] Saturday, 25th August 2007
* Joins: Finland (
<Finland> Viper n00bie
<Finland> Because no you do not breed the /bostserv request?...... Equal the hostserv request!
<Finland> The botserv request he should be only one optimal creation!
<+Viper> uh?
<Jobe-Away> :O
* Jobe-Away thinks that's through a translator/mutilator
<+Viper> lol
<Jobe-Away> hai Viper
<+Viper> i breed ?
<Jobe-Away> you do?
<Jobe-Away> does your partner know?
<+Viper> lol he said so
<+Viper> no :p
<Jobe-Away> and there's a /bostserv request command in Anope?
<Jobe-Away> :S
<+Viper> not to my knowledge
<Jobe-Away> would be a nice module to allow requests for additional bots
<+Viper> dang!
<Jobe-Away> but a good network would reject most on the grounds of unneccesary
<Jobe-Away> ;)
<+Viper> did you have to say that ? :p
<Jobe-Away> why? you tempted to code a module like that?
* Jobe-Away is now known as Jobe
* Botox sets mode: +h Jobe
<+Viper> lol i shouldn't
<+Viper> but then again it might be more usefull then playing minesweeper ;)
<%Jobe> true
Quote: 438; Rating: 7; [Rate as good|Rate as bad] Sunday, 10th March 2019
<Oshwah> I'm home
<NeoBogan> welcome home
<NeoBogan> the dust is precisely how you left it
<Oshwah> Yay
<Oshwah> The bar was only two blocks away
<NeoBogan> so how long does it take to stroll there and stagger back?
<Oshwah> Depends on the direction I'm going
<NeoBogan> forward would be preferable
Quote: 153; Rating: 13; [Rate as good|Rate as bad] Monday, 02nd June 2008
<katsklaw> if (beer) { for beer > 0;  beer--;  { cmd_consume(beer, orally); if (beer_byproduct) {free(beer_byproduct); } } }
Quote: 323; Rating: 32; [Rate as good|Rate as bad] Wednesday, 11th April 2012
<&Hal9000> i have problems with my left hand
<&Hal9000> which is odd, cause i masturbate with my right hand
<~DukePyrolator> your left hand needs more training!
<&Hal9000> true
Quote: 163; Rating: -5; [Rate as good|Rate as bad] Tuesday, 05th August 2008
<@mark> Yea...the 7 year old child labourer at the Chinese office of your ISP dropped the packet cause it was a bit heavy :P
Quote: 114; Rating: 42; [Rate as good|Rate as bad] Sunday, 13th January 2008
<+haltdef> didn't realize it was so huge :O
Quote: 53; Rating: 34; [Rate as good|Rate as bad] Monday, 08th October 2007
<GeniusDex> as said, my left hand consists mainly of my middle finger
<Cyd> ohh GeniusDex
Quote: 48; Rating: 55; [Rate as good|Rate as bad] Friday, 05th October 2007
* ^Kitty^ bounces on heinz
< Jobe> :O
< Jobe> dirty girl...
< ^Kitty^> huh
< ^Kitty^> I just
* heinz blinks
< ^Kitty^> meant on his lap
< Jobe> still sounds bad
< ^Kitty^> :((
< haltdef> haha
* ^Kitty^ stops bouncing
Quote: 196; Rating: 33; [Rate as good|Rate as bad] Tuesday, 11th November 2008
<Andrew> and we have no clue at what type of girls he gets lucky with.
<Andrew> maybe they'er nerdy
<Andrew> and he walks up and whispers hex in their ears.
<Andrew> or binary
<Amanda> lmfao
<Andrew> hey..... i want to.. 11100010100100100100100100100 and then slip my 10101010101011010001010 in your 101111000010010101... ?
<Amanda> Ohhhh baby 1000000101111010101010101 my 1001000001011011111010101 just like that only 1101001010100100101010010101 with my 1010110010100101010001010 a little more
<Andrew> pretty much.
<Amanda> Did we just have sex?
<Amanda> What just happened?
<Andrew> i don't know
<Andrew> but my penis hurts and my foreskin is torn..
Quote: 271; Rating: 10; [Rate as good|Rate as bad] Saturday, 17th July 2010
{ dax } why, oh why, is my insomnia going nuts...
{ dax } the last line of code I wrote was well over 6 hours ago :/
{ & | dope } i keep pulling muscles and in generally feeling like crap.
{ & | dope } ooo .. a coder.. you guys are crazy! lol
{ dax } of course i'm crazy
* dax is so crazy that even the psychiatrists won't take their chances with me
{ & | dope } you have to be crazy to sit in front of a computer for days on end perfecting whatever it is your perfecting.
* &dope works in communications
{ dax } well, hopefully I'll have an AI equivilent of CBX soon >_>
{ dax } after a random number of messages to a channel, it'll just say "I don't care" and then idle for a random amount of time until triggered again
{ dax } nobody would ever notice the difference
{ & | dope } lol
Quote: 360; Rating: 9; [Rate as good|Rate as bad] Monday, 04th November 2013
Romeo5k is now known as Root
<Root> i thought root was supposed to be reeserved
<tribal> is a root some sort of carrot
<tribal> vegetables is healthy
Quote: 282; Rating: 12; [Rate as good|Rate as bad] Saturday, 27th November 2010
<darkmaster> wonder where chaz
<darkmaster> is
<LEthaLity> avoiding you
Quote: 72; Rating: 45; [Rate as good|Rate as bad] Sunday, 21st October 2007
< Vash> filter's don't stop lighting from blowing shit up
< Vash> do they? :p
Quote: 116; Rating: 9; [Rate as good|Rate as bad] Sunday, 20th January 2008
<@Vash> scott, i paid you in canadian dollars.
<@katsklaw> ok
<@katsklaw> pay me is sexual favors next month . I can afford the $9
Quote: 63; Rating: 33; [Rate as good|Rate as bad] Thursday, 18th October 2007
<HitMan> works a killer
Quote: 255; Rating: 9; [Rate as good|Rate as bad] Saturday, 26th December 2009
<~chaz> if I could spell I wouldn't be on irc.
Quote: 157; Rating: 31; [Rate as good|Rate as bad] Friday, 27th June 2008
< Cbhacker> !learn Cbhacker god
< Cbhacker> ? cbhacker
-Zbot:#anope- cbhacker == n00b
Quote: 263; Rating: 2; [Rate as good|Rate as bad] Tuesday, 16th March 2010
* Jackster35 feels realysad now you all said that kind of stuff :(
<CBX-AWAY> Cry me a river.
<Jackster35> :(
Quote: 246; Rating: 7; [Rate as good|Rate as bad] Friday, 12th June 2009
< DJMatt> can someone help me plz
<+Namegduf> Doubtful.
< fraggeln> DJMatt: you are like me, beyond all help :)
< DJMatt> yes plz
Quote: 8; Rating: 30; [Rate as good|Rate as bad] Sunday, 26th August 2007
<Jobe> even viagra couldnt keep ME up
<Jobe> that was supposed to be Windows ME
Quote: 215; Rating: 7; [Rate as good|Rate as bad] Wednesday, 21st January 2009
<&Hemingray> Jer, that's tiny
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